Candle Care

Getting the best from your Hampshire Wick Candles

To minimise tunnelling, ensure first burn is at least 4 hours.

For even burning and to avoid smoke, trim wick to 0.5cm before each burn. If you notice that your wick has mushroomed or is smoking, extinguish candle and trim wick, then relight. You can purchase wick trimmers from us.

Extinguish candle when 0.5cm of wax remains.

Keep candle away from children and pets.

Keep candle away from draughts, and burn on a heat resistant surface.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Getting the best from your Hampshire Wick Wax Melts

Add one or two wax melts to the well of your burner, depending on desired strength.

Our wax melts will give approximately 10 hours of scent release.

Once the melts start to lose their scent, simply remove the wax and replace with new melts.

Ensure a good quality tealight is used in your burner, in order to get the best from your melts. 

Never leave a burning tealight unattended. 

Keep away from children or pets.